Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Treetops at Midday

The pace has picked up in the last few weeks with new work on all fronts.


The Nashville Airport show was featured on WNPT's art break. Southern Living also did a photo shoot of Art at the Airport that may have included my work. I haven't seen it yet.

Jerry Dale will show some of the Airport paintings at Tag when they come down this summer.

I just sold two paintings to a prominent family in New York. :)

I'm beginning a series of new paintings for a bank opening in Nashville.


I finished Black Market Peep Show's 4 Song CD. Tight schedule and small budget but we're all happy with the results.

I'm producing a 10 song CD for Michael Hunter.

I've joined Billy Swayze and Black Market Peep Show for rehearsals and a few performances over the next few months. We have a tentative booking for an afternoon slot on the mainstage of Bonnaroo in June. To prepare, we're playing a few gigs between now and then. The first confirmed date is May 11 at Exit In in Nashville.