Friday, July 06, 2007

Letter to Andee


Well, I'm doing the bank commission now and another private commission after but that's mostly summer. Depending on construction, the bank may open in the late summer or fall. I also am trying to do some small work for a gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska that first approached me a year ago.

I do have a fall show at the Capitol in BG. My intention is that it will be a figurative show in the style of my strong woman series but with far more compositional variety. Think Bay Area and you're close to where I'm starting from. Where I go from there will be a surprise to myself. I'm also looking at two of my earliest influences quite a bit: Matisse and Degas - particularly the late period bathers which have been an inspiration to me for at least 20 years. Hopefully, all of this gets filtered through my eyes and hands and comes out looking like my work and not theirs!

Meanwhile, Mercury is drawing a lot of Manga and Isabella is talking about doing some completely abstract work on canvas. In D.C., she spent quite a bit of time with works by Helen Frankenthaler AND Joan Mitchell. Who knows what will come of that? She apologized to me for not liking Pollock's drip paintings but his earlier work instead. How sweet is that?

Take care,