Monday, October 27, 2008

Rymer Show Artrageous Saturday Nov 1st

I've been busy as usual. It's funny how, in spite of the economic uncertainty or perhaps because of it, sales have been good. Herb reports that the Rymer is enjoying one of it's best months this year! I read last week that people looking for safe havens to invest are flocking to art and antiquities. I'm not at all surprised. After all, it's a proven strategy that goes back a few thousand years.

Along those lines, you should know that I've finished 11 new paintings for a featured 3 man show opening at the Rymer this Saturday, November 1st titled "Color". This is the first show I've done where my work will be side by side with Herb's own crayon sculptures and it should look fantastic.

The Saturday opening coincides with Nashville's gallery crawl and the following weekend is the much anticipated Artrageous event with coordinated events and transportation to galleries across the city. I plan to be there both Saturdays so come by to say hi!