Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Two in one night. Yup. It's a list.

pumpkin soup
pico de gallo
curly light fixtures
ghost world
sherlock holmes
popular sandwiches of the 1800's
fmr audio
dominant 7th chords in modern music
Paul Westerberg's
the lyrics to "Just a Boy Named Charlie Brown"
Where is Terry Adams today?
Of course the moon is hollow. All the lava evaporated into space.
I hate the sound of my kid's coughing with a respiratory infection.
I love the sound of my kid's laughter.
basketball doesn't really matter all that much, really, I think, possibly?
wish I'd learned to properly play the piano 20 years ago
will visit New York City again
love Donna's hands
all together....chocolate


Isabella just came in. Crunch, crunch, squeak, bang, out-of-breath and late for dinner.

I understand.

Busy year but you wouldn't have known from the blog. Let's see, I spent the first few months navigating a commissioned sale to Pinnacle through Herb at the Rymer. That had us all very optimistic at the year ahead. Then the economy seemed to stall out again.

Lot's of people I know are struggling. The fear is palpable. Somewhere along the way, we allowed others to define the limits of our happiness. Shame on us.

By the summer, I was refocused and moving ahead with projects.

Most of the time since then has been devoted to recording a second full length CD with Billy Swayze. I'm very excited with the progress we've made since the first record. With luck, we'll be sending it off for mastering the first of November.

After a couple months of working at Apple ( a longer story ), I returned with purpose to painting. A new group of works were delivered to the Rymer in late October with some interest already.

I don't have any answers for where we all go from here. I know I need to see my family healthy and happy. If I can do that painting and playing music, all the better. If not, we'll do what we must. I'm proud of the work I do. It's a life worth living.