Monday, October 27, 2008

Rymer Show Artrageous Saturday Nov 1st

I've been busy as usual. It's funny how, in spite of the economic uncertainty or perhaps because of it, sales have been good. Herb reports that the Rymer is enjoying one of it's best months this year! I read last week that people looking for safe havens to invest are flocking to art and antiquities. I'm not at all surprised. After all, it's a proven strategy that goes back a few thousand years.

Along those lines, you should know that I've finished 11 new paintings for a featured 3 man show opening at the Rymer this Saturday, November 1st titled "Color". This is the first show I've done where my work will be side by side with Herb's own crayon sculptures and it should look fantastic.

The Saturday opening coincides with Nashville's gallery crawl and the following weekend is the much anticipated Artrageous event with coordinated events and transportation to galleries across the city. I plan to be there both Saturdays so come by to say hi!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Twelve Painting Show at Rymer

Sometimes, things just work out. Take my current show at the Rymer for example. It wasn't scheduled but I had just finished some new paintings and Herb needed work so there. In reality, I know he's got a list of people waiting to show and made space to feature my work. That's humbling and speaks volumes about Herb's character and work ethic.

In fact, there's an opening reception this Saturday night 9/27 from 6 - 9pm for Kevin T. Kelly's new show called "Risky Business". I'll be there for part of the evening so if you're in town, come by and say hi.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Commission Work

Aside from the change in gallery representation, I've been very busy working this summer thanks to yet another new partnership.

Lynette Haggbloom came into our lives when she and Donna began working together through B.G. Ky's Artworks group. We met at lunch one day and began casually discussing the imminent Nashville gallery change. Next thing I knew, she called up with enough commissioned work to keep me busy for months!

She's off this week to the pacific northwest, also my wife's home territory, hunting for new galleries to represent me on a regular basis. We've also begun working on getting my foot in the door in New York. Thing is, I think she has the stuff to get it done.

Exit Tag Enter Rymer

Well, I'm elated and a little sad. I'll do the sad first.

After nearly 8 years together, Jerry Dale's Tag will be closing it's brick and mortar gallery at the end of the Summer. My understanding is that he will continue the website for the time being. We had a good run and I only wish JD the best.

The very good news is that I immediately found myself welcome at a new home across the street at Herb Williams and Jeff Rymer's premiere new 5th street gallery.

The Rymer Gallery opened with much fanfare 3 weeks ago and included 6 of my paintings in the first show. A tryptich of 3 sold this week so I'd say we're off to a very good start. In fact, Herb and I met years ago while Tag was subletting some space at The Arts Company on 5th. He managed that location and was directly involved in showcasing and selling my work on a monthly basis. Herb shows the same passion and enthusiasm now as a gallery owner despite juggling his family and a hopping career making sculptures entirely from crayola crayons. I like the guy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


One year closer to 40 and I feel pretty good about it.

I'm producing 2 new CD's over the next few months. The first is a 5 song for Billy Swayze and the second is a 10 song for Black Market Peep Show. Both should be done by mid summer.

As of yesterday, I'm blessed to have enough commissioned art work to keep me busy through the summer.

If that wasn't enough, I'm in the early stages of working with Herb Williams new Rymer Gallery in Nashville. I'm meeting him and his partner next week. Herb is a great guy, open, talented and very business savvy. Check out the gallery:

It feels like the right choice and I think we can be very successful together.

Enjoy the spring!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

A painting for Avenue Bank

I've not written much about the commission for Avenue Bank until now. I was simply too busy getting it done to write about it at the time! A little reflection goes a long way.

The end of 2007 was a very productive time for me. Avenue Bank eventually purchased another 7 paintings on top of the lobby commission. Immediately preceding that, I did a private unrelated commission. When it was finished, I jumped into work on a 10 painting show that opened in October.

In a sense, I'm still recovering from that flurry of activity.

The Nashville Arts magazine referenced my work on the Avenue Bank commission a total of 3 times in 2007. This culminated in an article about the relationship between the arts and economic growth in Nashville. They chose a striking (if uncredited to me) photo of my new painting for Avenue Bank to lead the article. You can see the photo on my webpage beginning today:

Oddly enough, we never formally announced the title so I'm doing so now.

"We Climb As One"

Thanks to everyone, particularly Ron and Van. It was a wonderful experience.

Affiliation and commitment

Hi again,

I have some news about places in the region to see my work in person. The first is a new group and show. The second is an update worth noting.

I was recently invited to join a new arts group based in Bowling Green and covering southern Kentucky. Here's part of the press release.

Artworks, a visual art coalition founded in 2007, is about to break into the art scene with a members only show February 11 - 29th to be held at The Gallery at 916, on the Square in downtown Bowling Green. Artworks is a non-profit organization of visual artists, patrons and supporters who are dedicated to creating a sustainable art community by increasing visibility, vitality, and economic growth for the visual arts. Artworks is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

...on a related note:

Some of you may be aware that TAG art gallery is experiencing some major changes after a personal falling out between Jerry Dale McFadden and his business partner, Susan.

I'm glad to announce that TAG has found a new, if temporary, home at the Arcade space across the street from the old location on 5th street in downtown Nashville. Specifically, Jerry Dale has taken a 6 month lease over from the former tenant, Dangenart. The search continues for a more permanent home but we are hopeful that a good solution will present itself.

Unfortunately, there may continue to be some confusion about the ground level 5th street gallery that now operates under Susan's name. Any correspondence with TAG can still be done via the website:

That's it for now. I also have some new work available at Swanson Reed Gallery in Louisville, KY.

My best to all. Stay warm.