Thursday, November 15, 2007

How to disapear in plain sight - a tutorial.

Well, I'm obviously not a prolific writer.

If you're still visiting this, welcome back. In my defense, I HAVE been working.

The late summer and fall saw the completion of a high profile commission for Avenue Bank. The bank had an impressive grand opening (the mayor attended :) that coincided very nicely with our 15th wedding anniversary. I understand that the current Nashville Arts magazine also has an article about corporate art projects that features an opening shot of my work for Avenue Bank. I have to say that everyone there was wonderful but I'm particularly grateful for the support of Van and Ron. I wish them nothing but the best success.

I also had a very pleasant show at the Capitol Arts Alliance in Bowling Green, Ky. If you missed it, you might still find a few paintings available through our website and / or ebay store.

Of note, Jerry Dale McFadden is moving his art retail space yet again and it may or may not be called TAG anymore. For my money, I think he should change the name and I've made some suggestions :) He IS the gallery and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm going to close there....not for lack of things to say.

It's a blessing to be doing this.