Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exit Tag Enter Rymer

Well, I'm elated and a little sad. I'll do the sad first.

After nearly 8 years together, Jerry Dale's Tag will be closing it's brick and mortar gallery at the end of the Summer. My understanding is that he will continue the website for the time being. We had a good run and I only wish JD the best.

The very good news is that I immediately found myself welcome at a new home across the street at Herb Williams and Jeff Rymer's premiere new 5th street gallery.


The Rymer Gallery opened with much fanfare 3 weeks ago and included 6 of my paintings in the first show. A tryptich of 3 sold this week so I'd say we're off to a very good start. In fact, Herb and I met years ago while Tag was subletting some space at The Arts Company on 5th. He managed that location and was directly involved in showcasing and selling my work on a monthly basis. Herb shows the same passion and enthusiasm now as a gallery owner despite juggling his family and a hopping career making sculptures entirely from crayola crayons. I like the guy.

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