Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Commission Work

Aside from the change in gallery representation, I've been very busy working this summer thanks to yet another new partnership.

Lynette Haggbloom came into our lives when she and Donna began working together through B.G. Ky's Artworks group. We met at lunch one day and began casually discussing the imminent Nashville gallery change. Next thing I knew, she called up with enough commissioned work to keep me busy for months!

She's off this week to the pacific northwest, also my wife's home territory, hunting for new galleries to represent me on a regular basis. We've also begun working on getting my foot in the door in New York. Thing is, I think she has the stuff to get it done.

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Todd Camplin said...

Oh, wow. I am gald to see your blog. As always, I love your work.