Thursday, January 31, 2008

A painting for Avenue Bank

I've not written much about the commission for Avenue Bank until now. I was simply too busy getting it done to write about it at the time! A little reflection goes a long way.

The end of 2007 was a very productive time for me. Avenue Bank eventually purchased another 7 paintings on top of the lobby commission. Immediately preceding that, I did a private unrelated commission. When it was finished, I jumped into work on a 10 painting show that opened in October.

In a sense, I'm still recovering from that flurry of activity.

The Nashville Arts magazine referenced my work on the Avenue Bank commission a total of 3 times in 2007. This culminated in an article about the relationship between the arts and economic growth in Nashville. They chose a striking (if uncredited to me) photo of my new painting for Avenue Bank to lead the article. You can see the photo on my webpage beginning today:

Oddly enough, we never formally announced the title so I'm doing so now.

"We Climb As One"

Thanks to everyone, particularly Ron and Van. It was a wonderful experience.

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