Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring on Finn Street

Just got back from eating Tamales with Donna.

As soon as I finished the Airport paintings, I got into the thick of a recording and producing a joint project with Billy Swayze called the Sugarpills. We finished tracking and mixing the first week of March. Donnie Bott mastered the project in Louisville. Donna is doing the website which should be up in a week or two. I'll post more here when the site is up with mp3's and possibly video.

Speaking of video...Bobby Smith is editing what might be the first of several interviews with me for youtube regarding the airport commission and my general thoughts on painting and being creative outside the mainstream.

I've been doing some figurative drawings in ink and wash. That lead to a new canvas painting which listed and sold a few weeks ago. I'm only now just able to get back to canvas painting following the Sugarpills. So far, it looks like I still have some figurative work to do.

I begin recording a shorter project with Black Market Peep Show this weekend. They remind me a little of Honey For Petzi, French Kicks, What Is This and The Whitest Boy Alive. Should be fun. More later....

Spring forward.

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